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Redundancy Controllers

(All controllers available with network port for configuration and control)


Example controller (DDA70)

Up/Down Converters


Amplifier Subsystems


Example controller (DDA219)

Comms Links

Video (Coaxial ASI etc)

General Purpose

Example controller (DDA257)

We can also offer a wide range of redundancy controllers based on standard units such as the DDA89, the DDA286, DDA219, DDA290, DDA293 or on various other standard modules. Signal types switched comprise anything that will go through a mechanical relay or switch - latching types are used wherever available for best reliability and minimum power consumption. Where appropriate solid state switching can be used - for example PIN diode switches, audio matrices, RS-422 data. Alternatively commercially available routers are used in conjunction with our controller to provide special signal handling requirements, or where size or other considerations dictate.

Examples of switching systems built to date include:

These are just a few of the configurations which are possible; to discuss your particular application please contact the factory.