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This page sets out our policy for receiving emails from third parties. If we are not receiving emails from you which comply with this policy, please contact us to resolve the situation.

1. Email is an unreliable transport medium, with many parts outside our control. We therefore do not accept any responsibility or liability arising from non-receipt of any email sent to us. An email has been 'received' by us when it arrives in the final inbox (and not any 'Junk' or 'Spam' inbox) of the intended recipient. (An 'out of office' response or other automated response is not an indication that the email has been 'received', and is also an indication that it may not be dealt with promptly if it is received). We do not automatically respond to requests for confirmation of receipt.

2. We do not accept accounting or legal documents (e.g. invoices, statements) by email.

3. Emails must be in 'plain text' format, or include a plain text part. The entire message must be contained within the email (and attachments where appropriate); there must be no reference to external links. Attachments must be in a format which does not require use of purchased software to read.

4. Emails must comply with relevant RFCs in respect of formatting and other technical requirements.

5. In general we do not accept marketing and similar communications by email (or telephone). Some limited communication from existing suppliers, and potential suppliers with whom we are actively in discussion, is generally acceptable.

We never wish to hear from suppliers of:
We also never wish to hear from:

6. All emails sent to Company email addresses may be logged, monitored and/or read by people other than the named recipient.

7. Emails sent to employees of the company in their personal capacity (i.e. anything unrelated to the business of the company) are not totally prohibited, but are accepted subject to this policy, and subject to not adversely affecting the business of the Company, and not subjecting the Company to additional costs.

8. Any sender of emails which do not comply with this policy may have their details passed to other organisations such as Trading Standards, operators of 'blacklists' and the like, and may be subject to claims to reflect our costs.

9. Any failure on our part to enforce the strict terms of this policy does not constitute a continuing waiver.

10. Any binding deviation from this policy may be authorised only by a Director of the Company.

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