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DDA241 IF Signal Level Monitor

The DDA241 can be used for monitoring the level of up to eight IF (50-200MHz) signals, with direct level monitoring capability as well as the ability to generate levelbased alarms.

Signal levels (in dBm) are available through the RC&M port. There is an option to adjust the measured value by a constant offset, so that any splitter and cable losses can be taken into account.

Each channel also has alarm threshold detection; high and low thresholds and debounce time are fully configurable.

In addition to the individual alarm channels there are four alarm groups, to each of which any combination of inputs may be assigned. A group alarm is signalled if any of the assigned inputs is in alarm. This facility allows simple sharing of this unit among several subsystems, with an alarm output for each subsystem.

The unit may be configured either via the RC&M port, or through a standard 10/100baseT network port. The network interface supports both Telnet and a standard web browser. All configuration data is retained in non-volatile memory, and thus if RC&M is not required the unit may be configured from a laptop or similar. Each of the eight inputs may be configured as a simple level alarm, or a window-based alarm. The unit includes a front panel display showing the alarm status of each input and group, and the power supply status.

Data Sheet: DDA241.PDF.